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Dr. Tamara Goldsby is a U.C.S.D. research psychologist in integrative medicine with a passion for, and focus on, sound healing research. Her goal is to bring sound healing to the public on a large scale through research, such as the ground-breaking study she and her colleagues published in the Journal of Evidence-Based  Integrative Medicine.

We are honored to have our sound healing research featured on CNN.

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Mission: Sound Healing Central is devoted to providing information, news, & research on sound healing. Our goal as researchers & humans is to bring sound healing (including sound baths) to the public as a low-cost, low-tech alternative healing therapy.


Fortunately, years of training are not a necessary component of learning to play singing bowls. However, sound baths are most effective and healing when taught by an experienced sound healing practitioner.  Moreover, if proven by science, sound healing has the potential to be brought to an almost unlimited amount of community venues (clinics, community centers, hospitals, etc.)


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Dr. Tamara Goldsby


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